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You Are Not An Onion

I spent the first number of years of my healing journey saying "We are like onions. In the healing process we need to peel back the layers of the onion. Some of those layers are tough, some not so bad, some down right rotten, but ultimately we need to peel back the layers and do our work." This went on for some time, and I approached my transformational work from this angle. This approach served me for awhile. Many layers, much discomfort, and with the help of some great practitioners, huge mountains climbed.

One day I was at my Chiropractors office. He is more of a medical intuitive than a chiropractor, and is the closest thing to a Shaman I had ever experienced up to that point. I was talking about the layers of my onion and how this particular layer was very uncomfortable. I didn't like the physical pain I was experiencing, the emotional turmoil I appeared to be in and the psychological upset that was presenting itself with this stage of the process. He stopped me and very blunly said, "You are not an onion Mel, onions make people cry." I asked him what I was. He responded with "You are an artichoke. What are you left with once you have peeled back the layers of the artichoke?" I looked strangely at him and he replied, "the Heart."

Underneath all of our layers that life has so divinely handed to us, for our greatest growth, expansion and evolvement, we are Heart. We came into this worldly realm as pure divine heart spaced beings. Nothing more, nothing less. We have experiences that leave imprints upon us and as we grow and mature it is up to us what we choose to do with the imprints. All of those imprints are designed to help us expand...or not. We get to choose, stay attached or detach and grow? It's about finding our way back home, back to the Heart.

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