Steel Tongue Drums

Uniquely Hand Crafted, Using Reclaimed Materials With The Intention Of Creating Harmonic Resonance Throughout

Mind, Body & Soul.

Each instrument is uniquely hand crafted, tuned to 432Hz for optimal health and healing through music and sound reverberations. 

Who We Are

Mark & Melanie



Mark, as an artist has been gifted with the ability to create using many mediums. His ability to create something new from something old has been a passion for years.


Melanie's passion lays in healing. She has spent years  in the field of health care and is a holistic health care practitioner.


Together we have created something new from something old, with the intention of manifesting greater healing through vibration/frequency, sound & music.


2 sided 17 note D minor

What We Do


Here at Spirit Drums we  create a multi-dimensional instrument  using reclaimed materials.


We strive to do our piece for the environment and continue to look for ways to re-use more of what we are taking back and re-purposing.  

Each drum is hand crafted and finely tuned to 432hz.


With this type of tuning you are equipped to create beautiful music or healing reverberations for greater well-being.

What We Believe


We believe health and healing come in many forms

and through many mediums.


If we can help restore balance within ourselves, utilizing an instrument made of reclaimed materials, we have also helped restore some level of balance to the world at large.

Created with LOVE

@ 155909 7th Line, Markdale, Ontario