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Who We Are & What We Do

At Spirit Drums, Mark and Melanie have created an integrative holistic wellness experience. Mark & Melanie are both passionate about creating something new from something old. Marks passion is expressed through a divinely guided creation process with each and every unique Spirit Drum he produces. Melanie' passion is expressed through trauma stabilization practices and repair work that specifically uses the old, to empower the new.

Mark's creation of the Spirit Drums, a steel tongue drum tuned to 432Hz, came about after life altering Shamanic experiences just shy of 10yrs ago. That was followed by the need to express that outwardly. Not only did percussion instruments become a passion, but musical instruments and the creation of them as a whole. Through that expression with the Spirit Drums he has assisted many others in the reclamation of self, and the on-going pursuit of deeper healing for oneself and the collective as a whole.

Melanie's passion for healing stems from her own reclamation & repair work over the last 20+yrs. Melanie spent just over 10 years in health care before entering into social work. Her work has been specialized in the field of domestic anti-human trafficking and child sexual exploitation initiatives at a local, regional, provincial & national level. Melanie is currently a Specialized Anti-Human Trafficking Trainer for the province and also works as an independent trainer, counsellor and advocate in the field. 

Melanie provides an integrative approach to the stabilization process and recovery of oneself through various energy modalities, aromatherapy, somatic experiences and land based practices. These practices allow the mind, body and soul to reset and create a homeostatic state within.

Our offerings here include:

- Plant assisted sound sessions

- Reiki

- Reconnective Healing

- Aromatherapy

- Plant Medicine Integration Sessions

- Trauma Stabilization & Recovery Work

- Counselling

- Harm Reduction Coaching

- Anti-Human Trafficking Trainings/Workshops, Consultations and Advocacy

Thank-you for taking the time to read our story.

If you would like more information on our offerings, please feel free to reach out.


In health,

Melanie & Mark

Together we have created something new from something old. 

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