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Spirit Drum Accessories

Each Spirit Drum comes with:

- 1 set of mallets

                  - 1 ring/cushion for stand

             - 1 bottle of oil for care




The set of mallets provided ensures everyone can get the full spectrum of sound from their drum.

However, the drums can certainly be played by hand, and all Djembe skills are nicely transferable.

Regardless of whether you use the mallets or your hands, it will always resonate harmoniously within the micro/macro-cosms.

There is no right or wrong, there just IS...


The ring/cushion is dual purpose for your drum.

First, it gives your drum a home when not being played.

Second, if you play your drum on a hard surface you will need the ring to create the appropriate space between the drum and the surface for proper resonance.


The oil we provide with each drum is used to create a protective barrier.

The oil also assists with the general upkeep of your instruments aesthetics.

We recommend "oiling" your drum once a week, a few drops rubbed into the surface of the drum is generally all that is needed to cover it.

The oil is ethically sourced, using principles of co-impact sourcing & has had all the fat removed, therefore not leaving anything feeling heavy and/or coated.

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